Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Birthday Girl - Aubrey!

Exercising your brain...

Hmmm...as I contemplate going back to school I'm also contemplating how this aged brain is going to compete with all the younger, firmer specimens in my class...came across this as a result of looking for brain exercises...what do you think?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's a cold Sunday

Cold, overcast, pink skies...the kind of day that freezes nose hairs. Hmmm...and why AM I in Michigan? Playing Mexican music with the furnace on high does not take me to a warm beach. Recent car repairs puts the kibosh on a warm week-end escape...that along with the anticipation of additional college loans makes my balance sheet look very unbalanced and fewer trips on the horizon.

Ok, so I'm bucking up...breathing deep, going for a cold walk with Frida. I'm sure things will look better when I'm back...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

For the love of chocolate

Can you tell we're related?

Civil War in the family

Well...what an interesting outcome. The elections are over, our candidate won by a landslide. Proposals I thought critical were passed. My local candidates won too. But now, at what cost? What price did I personally pay for the outcome of this election?

First, the benefits...my immediate family and I were one voice in this election outcome. We were united in our beliefs...and I am proud of the choices we made. There is hope for change...economically, internationally, domestically and socially. As I listened to both of Obama's speeches...the night of the election results and his first press conference, I was awed. Logical, thoughtful, hopeful and inspiring...words of a great leader yet to be tested...and based on what I have seen and heard thus far, he will pass the test if we support him.

Next, the challenges...my not-so-immediate family chose the opposite camp. The differences and our conversations about those differences were emotionally charged. We forgot to focus on the process...forgot to focus on the issues. Some very personal disparaging remarks were exchanged...some in jest...some seriously.

Finally, do I want to mend those relationships? Do I want to step back to where we were before the election? How important is this relationship? How important is it to understand diverse points of view? Family or not?

I applaud appreciation for differences. I applaud tolerance and acceptance of others' religious and social beliefs. I applaud open-minded and spirited debate...then why is this one so difficult for me to accept? Maybe because I expect more from them. I expect them to see clearly the right (my?) way.

Hmmm...guess somebody needs to start 'walking the talk' and accept them for who they are, no not just accept, appreciate! This will be a hard one.

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