Friday, March 23, 2012

Another design created recently...this one for our union local. The design will be used on goblets given to retirees, from the union. If you watch my designs, you'll see I've reused the basic circle, banner layout recently seen in my screenprint and embroidery design.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Gulf Sands Beach Resort

Embroidery and Tee Design © Sandoval Slater Art Studio
Just finished a new design for Gulf Sands Beach Resort. The hotel, on the Gulf side just south of Siesta Keys in Florida, is definitely Old Florida.

The design is intended to target the mature who likes to live like the crackers, in an Old Florida environment, on a beach that's uncrowded, uncomplicated...and beautiful!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

And I respond back to PETA...

Dear Peta;

You are talking to a 62 year old feminist…one raised in Southern California in the 1960’s. Please don’t insult my intelligence with your foolish justification ‘freedom to use your body’ for use of sex and violence in your advertising. How in the world can you possibly believe that to protect and provide for animals can be justification to use and abuse women and men? And by the way, if you had read my letter, I’m equally opposed to the Ink and Mink series of male nudes…you know, the ones that you included the links in your response letter to me earlier today?

The Feminist Movement defends equal political, economic and social rights for women.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with YOUR right to use sexually explicit or implicit imagery to sell products or services.  In fact in feminists’ campaigns for women’s rights we fight to protect women and girls from domestic violence, sexual harassment and sexual assault.

And your inference that these women and men exemplify power by their ability to undress in front of an audience, seriously…do you believe that???

Women in these situations have no power. Power is the found in an individual’s ability to receive equal pay for equal work, in their ability to own land, be CEO’s of large organizations, hold positions on boards running these organization, ability to hold political offices, to become better educated, to earn the respect and admiration of other women and men because of their accomplishments, because of who they are…not because of how they look!  

I do appreciate your quick response, but unfortunately you’ve convinced me of nothing more than this flawed reasoning runs deep in your organization. I am convinced that if your ability to reason through this advertising campaign is as defective as it obviously is…how in the world can your decisions regarding cruel treatment to animals possibly hold up under closer scrutiny.

Although a strong supporter of animal rights, it will not be through your organization. If and when you choose to take different approach to marketing and advertising, contact me, please, animals need people passionate about their care.

Nancy Slater

PETA Responds to my last post...

Dear Ms. Slater,

Thank you for your letter expressing concern about the women who participate in our ads and campaigns. We appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts with us.

As an organization staffed largely by feminist women, we would not do something that we felt contributed to the very serious problems that women face. Our demonstrators and models choose to participate in our actions because they want to do something to make people stop and pay attention. We believe that people should have the choice to use their own bodies to make social statements, and that there is nothing shameful or “wrong” about doing so. This tactic has been used since Lady Godiva rode naked on a horse to protest taxes on the poor in the 11th century.

Please know that we also feature men in our ads and demonstrations; the following are just a few examples:

·        John Abraham:

These activists are dedicated to helping foxes who are electrocuted and skinned by the millions for the fur industry, calves who are torn from their distraught mothers and slaughtered for the meat industry, elephants who are beaten bloody and forced to live in chains year after year in circuses, and the billions of animals who suffer from torture, maddening isolation, starvation, terror, and violent death at the hands of uncaring industries.

Take Traci Bingham ( and Pamela Anderson (, for example, who posed for our “All Animals Have the Same Parts” ad campaign. Both are deeply committed vegetarians known to millions for their television work, and chose to use their bodies as a political tool to grab public attention for serious animal issues. In this case, Ms. Bingham and Ms. Anderson were offended by the traditional “meat” posters that treat animals as “parts,” and they wanted to make the point that neither farmed animals nor women should be viewed as parts—we are all precious.

We feel that all people should be free to use their minds and bodies as political instruments to bring attention to animal suffering like this, and we appreciate any effort to help those who have no voice. We use all available opportunities to reach millions of people with powerful messages. We have found that people do pay more attention to our racier actions, and we consider the public’s attention to be extremely important. Sometimes this requires tactics—like naked marches and colorful ad campaigns—that some people find rude or outrageous, but part of our job is to shake people up and even shock them in order to initiate discussion, debate, questioning of the status quo, and of course, action. After PETA publicized our “State of the Union Undress,” for example, we were rated the number one “mover” on Yahoo’s search engine, meaning that PETA received the greatest percentage increase of terms searched that day. The situation is critical for billions of animals, and our goal is to make the public think about the issues. Although some consider our projects that include nudity to be controversial, many women express support for these tactics.

You might find it interesting to consider that it is the societies that allow women to wear revealing clothing in which women have the most rights and the most power. Likewise, it is the societies that punish women for wearing revealing clothing in which women have the fewest rights and the least power. Should women only be allowed to participate in activism if they promise not to show their bodies or use their bodies as political statements? If a person chooses to use his or her physicality and sexuality to convey a message of his or her choosing, aren’t those who would censor him or her, even if their motives are good, also somewhat guilty of disrespect and repression?

PETA does make a point of having something for all tastes, from the most conservative to the most radical and from the most tasteless to the most refined, and this approach has proved amazingly successful—in the three decades since PETA was founded, it has grown into the largest animal rights group in the world, with more than 3 million members and supporters worldwide. For more information about PETA’s vital work for animals, please visit  

We respect your right to disagree with our tactics but hope that you will continue to support projects that you do agree with, such as our free vegetarian/vegan starter kit giveaways ( or our low-cost spay/neuter clinics (

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to respond to your concern and for everything that you do to help animals!


The PETA Staff

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peta...what are you thinking?!

In your defense of animals do you HAVE to disrespect women? Who cares who is the sexiest vegetarian next door...really?! And 'Lettuce Entertain You?' Come on...I have no interest in being entertained by a site supposedly dedicated to stamping out animal cruelty by promoting sexist advertising...showing women in various stages of undress with lettuce on them? Who is your target audience anyway?

And even more unbelievable...Boyfriend Went Vegan video not only is sexist, but promotes violent behavior against women. Don't think the Ink not Mink makes it ok since it's primarily naked men in the imagery. It's not ok to disrespect any human being in defense of animals.

I am animal lover and although I went to your website to donate...I didn't and won't until you show respect to men and women in your advertising.

Miss Representation an 'older' member of our society, I look back on my attitudes toward politics, capitalism and female sexuality and wonder what happened and why haven't I been more active!?

During the late 60's, although married young and having one child, my belief system was all about equality. Not only for women of course, but everyone...ethnic minorities, disabled, aged and women. In Southern California at the time, it was easy to be politically active...or at least aware. We saw protest marches on the street outside our high school and had discussions at work...about political candidates, civil rights, the shooting of President Kennedy and what that meant to us all. Although as with many in their teens, my life was really mostly about does whatever effect me and mine :) But at least there was discussion.

During the 70's 80's and 90's, my life was about raising children and working. Fortunately my mother, (and with my father's support) somewhat ahead of her time, felt it critical for a woman to prepare herself to be self supporting, so I learned early on working was a virtue, an honor, a responsibility. I worked through the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush eras with awareness, but not a lot of political activity. Too focused on family and inactive awareness on most issues. My husband was interested in politics...and we normally took opposite sides of the political spectrum in discussions, but at least he was interested and aware.

Then came more education, a different career and the same old white, male dominated world. Did I have blinders on? Why didn't I prepare my own children better to face and resist what is going on in media...really our entire world, today? Why didn't I better use my buying power and more actively support or reject some of these issues at hand?

Well...from today on...I'll be buying products (or not) voting for the candidates who support my belief system, and pledge either time or/and money to bring about change and equality. It's been a long time...and we really haven't come so far, baby!

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