Friday, August 28, 2015

Retirement Time...

Checking my bank account statement today and is first time in years and years (Fifteen years in this career although I've had careers and jobs and steady pay since I was 17 years old) I haven't received a check every two weeks from MCC for teaching. Now that comes as a little bit of a shock. I've expected it, planned for it, saved for it, but really not ready for it. I wonder if every retiree goes through this no payday shock.

And not only, no payday...but a certain loss of identity. As I sit here listening to my gkids who I love dearly, playing, I think, this is the great part about retirement. But do I really want  this every day? Or even every week? No, I don't...I'm not that kind of gma, unfortunately, and I feel just a little guilty about that too.

So what's my plan as I move into this next phase of my life? Married now, with three dogs and a husband that's not retired yet, what's my next step? I've worked at stepping up my freelance business the last few months, have taken on a small social media management assignment, working on a couple of websites and working to broaden my own reach in social media.

Planning on a small trip to see my sister...planning stepping up my skills in watercolor and pastel...looking at grants for new businesses run by old people :) and taking a class or two in a new area I haven't attempted.

I'll keep you posted :) I will blog more frequently too!

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