Saturday, March 12, 2011

More lessons from Frida....

Most of you who know me know Frida (my dog and constant companion for the last 11 years) is very ill. She has cancer with numerous tumors through-out her body. We (her doc and I) made the decision that chemo or other extraordinary measures to extend her life would not enhance her quality of life and so we are in the period of waiting and decline.

When we can, Frida and I spend the day together (like today) just hanging out, working on home-based projects, watching TV or listening to music together. I thought today, as we were sharing a breakfast burrito that I'd like another picture of her (although I have hundreds.)

As you can see, Frida made her wishes understood! After the first picture, she very carefully stood up, turned around and put her back end to the lenses :) do we want painful moments of our life recorded as we're living them? Do we want a photo taken when we first get out of bed? Do we want a candid shot as we lay dying?

I'm sorry, Frida...what will I ever do without your wisdom and companionship.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

So sorry, Nancy. Your decision was a good one for Frida. We learn so much and gain so much from our pets. It's never easy to let one go.

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