Monday, January 2, 2012

Growing intelligence?

The reading link focuses on increasing intelligence. Always an area of interest, this morning, however my first thought goes to social intelligence specifically. What exactly is social intelligence? Is it the ability to get along or go along? Is there really such a thing as social intelligence?

In my past human resource career, and to some extent in my current instructor life, it quickly became apparent  the ability to work well with others is a critical component to overall success in a career and life. Some seem to come by working well with others naturally while others seem naturally abrasive in their approach to life.

What causes the differences? Different upbringing? Different life experiences? Different genes? Probably all of the above, but what can we do to change the naturally abrasive to the naturally nice? And do we want to?

In preparing students for a graphic design career, this IS critical. It can make the difference between getting a client, maintaining a client relationship, getting a job and maintaining a career.

So...let's do some research.What is social intelligence, do we need it, how do we get it?

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