Monday, July 23, 2012

Sketching...a combination of meditation and pure joy

Working on sketchbook...having a great time drawing...forgot how much fun it relaxing...and how gratifying.

What is it about drawing with graphite that is so satisfying to me? The resulting art isn't necessarily terrific, the subject matter is normally mundane, but there is something about sketching that IS great. In the last couple of weeks (with my pencil) I've discussed my political beliefs, studied those great little lizards that occupy every corner of my yard, looked very closely at a bottle of beer I was drinking and drawing, did a study of a flower in a painting, made up a cup pattern, studied and drew a tea bag with intensity...and the list goes on. So to remind myself of the reasons to draw when I get busy with life and don' goes:

For those of you who draw or sketch, you'll understand this...first, when drawing and listening to music, tv, etc., it seems to forever link my drawing with that particular activity, show, music or occurrence. I love to look back at sketches and sketchbooks and remember.

Secondly, it's way that I can do art and continually revise (with the eraser) parts of the art that I don't like. It's like looking at life in black and white...what you like, you keep...what you don't, you get rid of with no ill effects. Simple. Especially gratifying when I wish my life was simpler...but isn't.

Thirdly, less toxic, less messy, more portable than a lot of other can travel lightly and use the tools in good health.

And finally, while you can draw with the computer and get great results as well...drawing with a pencil in your hand is an unbeatable high. And...the more you do it, the more you love it, the better you get at it. Try it! You'll love it!

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