Thursday, October 18, 2012

Already October...

In a calendar year... in my life. Strolling past windows, mirrors, shiny doorknobs, a reflection, a glimpse of  someone unrecognizable...older, gray, lumpy, with a quick step...appears. Who in the world?

I love Autumn...even the word is comfortable. a delicious dessert, a cozy fire, gorgeous colors, cinnamon and sass, that's this time of year. And my time of life? Playing on the internet (Facebook specifically) led me to a site offering a mosaic of images created with images of your personal choosing. Hmmm...sounded easy...and it was.

mosaic by Nancy Slater

The resulting collage seemed like a snapshot in the autumn of my, grandkids, students, dogs, other careers and friends. And it was created in a minute...just like my life. Looking at it fills me with a sense of joy and intrigue as I move into yet another season of life.

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