Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This week is the beginning of the summer's end, in my life anyway. It came way too quickly in some ways...and way too slowly in others.

As many of you know, I make the trek south for the summer...the only time of the year that my schedule is flexible enough to visit a house recently purchased in Florida. Sacrificing some quality time with my kids and grandkids in the north, my time in southern summer is spent teaching online, catering to my dogs, swimming, and catching up with political news and views missed during the busier parts of my season. And since time is available, my 'finish what you start' nature is aggravated with myself for ignoring my blog during the summer months. Or ignoring it all together, when writing is something so enjoyable....aaahhh...but then the water beckons.

Beach in front of Gulf Sands Beach Resort

Dock in back of the house
Pool in back of house...and Jessie
Not sure what it is about water and me...but there is definitely a link. Maybe being born in the midwest without major bodies of water around, being around them now satisfies an unknown need. Regardless...both states that I live now and the one that I spent my young adulthood have BIG bodies of water close by....the Pacific...Lake Michigan...and now the Gulf. And I think it's hereditary...all my kids seem to gravitate to water...in activities and in relaxation.

Sorry...gotten off track here...my intent of today's blog was to bring closure to the summer months this year as well as start and chronicle the trek north. This week will be spent in preparation...car repairs, house cleaning, yard work and paying all final summer expenses. 

So...what was accomplished THIS summer that wasn't done previously? Hmmm...well, three watercolors were finished and a fourth begun. Learned a recycle trick for all those damned plastic bags that seem to accumulate in the closet. Babysat a hotel for a week (chief cleaner, office manager and the like.) Saw one current movie every week...and read at least a book a week...learned to download to my Nook from two libraries...one in Michigan and one in Florida...swam daily when weather permits or unless I was too lazy that day...planted chives, avocados, tomatoes, green peppers and ate them (all but the avocados..they weren't here yet.) Transplanted two bushes, and planted lavendar...all are surviving so far. Learned to make fruit smoothies...and ate them regularly for breakfast.

Geez..the list is kind of paltry, isn't it. But I did work all summer...teaching online classes...and loved it. Going into the final two weeks of the class...and students are doing great. So, next post should begin the journey north (with a side trip to the way north...Alaska!) Can't wait :)

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