Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dishonest businesses...they really aggravate me!

Ok..so now I've started preparation for the northern venture and what do I run into? Crooked mechanics! I KNOW, I KNOW...they aren't all that way...in fact my ex and my son are both very honest and very good mechanics. But let me tell you about my experience in the south. Nokomis, Florida, specifically and if any of you are looking for where NOT to bring your car for repairs, email me!

My brakes (or something) are making a screeching noise (this is a couple of weeks ago.) Aargh...since my car is a 2003 Saturn Vue with over 200,000 miles on it (I love this car and don't want to give it up) it could be anything, right? So I take it in to a Honda quick oil change and ask them to check the noise. Bringing it in right on my appointed time, the manager takes one look at me and my car and sends me down the road...says that this OTHER dealership knows a lot more about Saturns...yeah, whatever. So over to the other place I go....and after a bid of $1200 and an oil change, I leave, not willing to pay that kind of money for a repair on this old of an auto.

I'm starting to panic. I have to leave on a 2000 mile drive with two dogs and my ex in a couple of weeks! I don't want to risk car issues on the road so I spend a couple of days looking for a new car. Then I happen to think of my honest mechanic relatives up north (my ex being one and my son) and give them a call. No, no a resounding no, they say. Don't do it, don't pay it, get another opinion first. Best advice ever..why didn't I think of it. So I go into another local business, they tell me it's a quick fix and they do fix that noise for under $100. Whatever! Now comes the rub...

I know I need a couple of new tires and thinking I should get them before 'the drive' I go BACK to this business...buy the tires, ask them to replace a headlight that has recently burned out and to take a look at the abs sensor as it might need replacement. I trust these guys, right? Well, not really...because now they're telling me the rear abs sensor can't be sold or replaced by itself...has to be replaced with the attached housing (all for over $200 when the sensor costs about $50) oh and by the way...you also need to replace your caliper (again for a couple of hundred) so by the time I'd get done with everything...about $600. Geezus...do I have STUPID on my forehead? Again, thank goodness for honest ex's and kids that know this kind of stuff...and my friends here in Florida too...as all warned against having this done without another SECOND opinion.

And sure enough...that stuff about the abs sensor alone or with housing? It can be replaced alone. Another dishonest business on (or off) my list. The caliper? Rarely needs replaced and I've done it once already...but my ex...is going to fix the abs and look at the caliper BEFORE we drive back to the north.

The message in all this? Here it comes...brings out the politics in me...We have turned into a country that places profits first and damn any integrity in business. Look at the Koch Bros...look at Wall Street...look at the banks and the state of our housing/mortgage industry.You believe in all that trickle- down bulls--t that started with  ‎Reaganomics? What seems to have 'trickled down' is none of the wealth and much of the immorality in business...that's all for my rant, today.

Well not quite all...my pool company...they do a fine job when they expect me to be here...enough said!

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