Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 1 - Cruise to Alaska...

Yeah, I know...this doesn't look much like a cruise image...and so the story begins. Day one started a little questionably as far as vacations go. We began driving down our little country road with a whop, whop and more whops. My travel partner, more attuned to these noises than I said STOP. Yikes...I did and we had a flat tire...3:00 am and on our way to the airport.

An hour or two later and at the airport on the tarmac...foggy! Our plane is long...that we missed our connection in Detroit...and the dominos started to fall resulting in our missing the cruise line connection. The next two hours were spent on the phone getting reconnected and the next four in the airport waiting for the next flight. Aargh...what a beginning. And we still have started the cruise.

Today...another day and we'll hopefully catch it in Ketchikan...I'll keep you posted!

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