Sunday, January 10, 2016

Traveling back in time...

Northeast corner of Colorado...

Union Pacific Depot in Julesburg (now a museum) where my dad, John Sandoval worked many years as station agent

South Platte River

Remembering beautiful nephew, gone too soon.

View of Colorado plains

Traveling back to Julesburg always brings mixed emotions. It was with great sorrow that I moved away from this small farming community in the early 60's. I was in 8th grade...Julesburg had the only school, town, friends, church and way of life I had ever known. It was the type of community where everyone knew who you were, to whom you belonged, and whether or not you were supposed to be where you were and would quickly call your parents if they thought you were headed down the wrong road. I loved it. We moved because of my mother's rheumatoid arthritis and fortunately my father had a career with the Union Pacific that allowed him to transfer to a warmer, dryer climate. We moved to Southern California and I hated it.

Julesburg is a small (pop. approximately 1200) farming community...Ontario, California where we moved was huge by comparison. My high school graduating class had more students than the entire town of Julesburg. Chaffey High School campus in Ontario was originally a college campus and we had acres of land to traverse between classes. There was North Hall, South Hall, Library, Gym...and many other buildings besides...I never really felt like I belonged or fit in. Fortunately I had a few good friends that kept me centered and sane but I never really recovered the culture shock from our initial move during my high school years. For years I felt behind the proverbial eight ball because of the move.

But now...66 and looking back on my life...I can only say thank you! Thank you mom and dad for having the foresight to get me out of my comfort zone and into a world of change. That set me up for a life of loving change...embracing change...instigating change...still with an appreciation for the stability of sameness. My experiences have been so much richer as a were good parents and role models. Thank you.

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