Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year...

Here it is, the start of a new year is on the horizon...and what lessons have been learned?

1) Suicide hurts. A dear friend and father to two of my nephews chose to end his life this year. I always felt he had the right (that we all have that right.) If living is more painful than the alternative, then we, as thinking adults should have the right to make this choice. That said, I've seen the impact on his family and I'm sorry he chose that road. If I ever consider 'ending it all' please give me the strength to look into the eyes of my friends and family and ask for their help and understanding before making the decision. If I see someone else in that dilemma, please let me know the right words to comfort and guide.

2) MS is a horrible disease. It debilitates and takes away an individual's choices one by one, time after time, until all are gone.

3) Friends and family are lifesavers...depend on them, be dependable for them.

4) Education is addicting...once you get a good taste, you can never get enough.

5) Aging can be beneficial...helps prioritize life events.

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