Sunday, January 25, 2009

Long Term Motivation

The Dalai Lama talks about cyclic existence in conjunction with the morality of individual liberation...this seems to be the key to attaining the first step toward a more meaningful life. We need to work to be free of an existence (cyclic) that is driven by temporary distractions and short term thinking.

He goes on to say, to be free of this short term thinking and reactive actions, we need to better understand what causes it. The four areas to understand include:

1) true suffering
2) true sources of suffering
3) true cessations of suffering and its sources
4) true paths for actualizing true cessations

Hmmm...I'll start on the first...true suffering, next time. Til then...


1 comment:

Maria H. Andersen said...

The Dali Lama was at Auroville when we were there last week. We didn't see him, but he was there meditating the same time we were visiting!

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