Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Creating in Italy...

It's been almost twenty years since spending six weeks in Perugia, Italy. Still looking back on it with great memories, occasionally I'll pull out sketch books created during that time.

Here is some verse written then...

Reflecting back on previous journeys
Tiny flecks of light appear--
Giving sparks to imagination,
flames to passion, and
illuminating our passages
through dark tunnels that lie ahead.

Occasionally, faltering and flickering,
The lights diminish...
Until almost sightlessly
We blunder and plunder
Through thickets and brambles
Ripping yesterday's wounds,
Trekking through today's uncertainties
Towards tomorrow's unknowns.

Yet when our way seems lost
And darkness inevitable,
The flecks reignite...
Like flashes of lightening piercing the sky,
Brightness becomes our life,
Pathways are straight, our journey direct;
Today a pleasant reality
Tomorrow a warm promise of desire fulfilled.

-Nancy Sandoval Slater

And a drawing completed from photographs of the trip...aaahhhh...such great memories :) Am thankful to this universe for a life well lived thus far...and the promise for so much more to come!

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