Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day_2012

Looking at past mothers' days, this one seems to be one of the best. And maybe all seem to be that way the day after, right? Although one of my children is working out of town and was unable to come over, he did remember call/text me...wished he could have been here too. The others were there, with their children...what a great day.

Starting motherhood at the barely legal age of eighteen (during the late 60's it was either war or parenthood), my own mother and father helped tremendously. Babysitting had not been one of my favorite activities and this coupled with having no younger brothers or sisters, having a baby was a shock! Being a voracious reader (parenting books) and with a supportive family, somehow my first daughter made it through my novice parenting skills to become a successful lawyer, loving, giving, doting mother and great partner to her husband Rick. Their son is brilliant and will do great things for humanity some day.

Over the next several years and a couple of failed marriages my instincts for mothering did improve. Still a career woman, homemaking seemed to be always food, quick kisses good night, and on to the next item on my list. That and a philosophy that in order to take care of anyone (parents, children, spouses, friends and relatives) you had to take care of yourself made me a mom of dubious skills (in my eyes.)

How then...did my offspring develop into such good parents themselves? My second daughter has her masters degree in life skills, and has worked at a woman's shelter for several years. She is a thoughtful, pragmatic, risk-taker. She's a great partner to Nick and the absolute best mom to my does that happen? Although she mirrors me (she probably doesn't realize that) in many instances, she is a much smarter mom....and her son is so lucky to have her. He will be a gentle giant in whatever he chooses to pursue...something active as he is all movement!

My first son and third child is brilliant, extremely hardworking and will develop into a great businessman, and I fear, a staunch Republican. He has slowly completed his bachelors degree while working full time (with excessive amounts of overtime) the entire time. We rarely agree on politics (me being a staunch anti-Republican) but we do agree on the value of smart, hard work. His daughter does not see him often enough unfortunately as he has so much to give. My hope is that he will soon realize his value to her (and to the world) and start giving back to them both. She is his 'spitting image' with a smart, vivacious, live hardy attitude.

My second son and fourth child is the one that reminds me most of my father. Sensitive and sincere, his son is so lucky to have him as his dad. I watch as he teaches him math on the garage floor, science in pond scum, and the value of hard work on the excavator. Although he hasn't fulfilled MY desire for him to go to college, he follows his own path...taking over his dad's excavating business and prioritizing it after his family...something neither his dad nor me could figure out how to do. He too is of those that just figures things out, by looking, thinking and trying (all things.) His son is brilliant too...knows how to turn on the charm...and hopefully will prioritize learning, as he could rule the earth with his smile and his smarts.

And that's how it looks this year...can't wait for the next to see how things develop!

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