Thursday, September 3, 2015

On the road again...

Oregon coastline from one of last year's road trips
Well almost...getting ready for a road trip! The most exciting of's just a short trip (to see my sis in Colorado) but for someone who LOVES all road trips, it will be an adventure.

Just getting ready is an see I'm a little neurotic and overthink most everything that's thinkable...and getting ready for this trip is no exception. I started overthinking my ability to take road trips after I retire a while back and it resulted in a couple of good things...

First...I've bought a hybrid to help me conserve fuel and dollars. Secondly, I've upped my membership in AAA to help handle any unforseen car difficulties on the road as well as better map where I am going, staying and eating. Finally, I've made sure my cell phone has the best coverage and can serve as a hotspot to help me keep in touch, work and play, no matter where I am. And of course, the neurosis in me had to double insure accessibility and information, so I extended my free contract (from car dealership) for Sirius' travel option. :)

Almost ready to go now...still debating with myself whether or not to buy an air mattress for the back of my wagon, how far north I want to go before I turn south, which dog I'm going to take for company and protection in the wilds, should I bring my watercolors or my pastels or both, oh my goodness...the list goes on and on.

I'll keep you posted.

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