Friday, September 18, 2015

Road Trip_September 2015

Mackinaw Bridge
Well, I fully intended to blog daily on my road trip...even made sure I had either internet access or phone contact through-out the journey, but alas...this went the way of many of my good intentions...on the back burner.

Mack and our sleeping arrangements for a couple of nights
And here I am, home after a couple of weeks on the road and trying to remember what I was thinking, seeing,  and doing, to tell the story.

Day 1 was spent traversing the Michigan landscape. Mack and I left later in the am and drove up and across the bridge and finally stopped to sleep at a campground in Munising in the U.P.  I contemplated getting a hotel room, but decided we had gone to all the work of getting an air mattress, covers, Mackblankets and window coverings that we should definitely use them and we did. And I slept like a dog (so did Mack, but then he always does.)

This day reminds me why I chose Michigan to live...lush greenery, beautiful blue water, and manageable traffic. The campground felt safe and secluded. And I'm really glad I have this state as my home base. I'll share more tomorrow as we head out of Michigan and into Wisconsin and beyond.

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