Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hey, I'm trying to work here!

After receiving a challenge (backhanded since it wasn't really addressed to me) to blog every day, here I am. I'm excited to have the reason to write. I love to write...look forward to it, anticipate what subjects to write about...but still can't quite get into the blogging mode daily. I hope this challenge starts me down the road with no return.
Georgia trying to entice me to play with her

I think one of the reasons my blog is difficult for me to write daily is because I have no real focus. I seem to write whatever hits my fancy for the day...retirement, work, relationships, travel, dogs, etc. There is no consistency...and some days, I just don't recognize the inspiration. before yesterday, inspiration walked right through my door. By accident, I was introduced to a Pulitzer Prize winning writer...Dale Maharidge. He was sourcing interviews for an article in progress and came upon my husband's name in a news article. To make a long story much shorter, he interviewed my husband, stopped by the house for a moment after the interview and proceeded to make me green with envy as he explained his writing life.

So here I am...practicing writing. I know I can't expect to be a journalist without training and advanced education in journalism, but I can practice...and that I will do. Who knows where this road may lead!

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