Thursday, December 3, 2015

Irrational fear of the DENTIST!

The dentist is high on my list of irrational fears. Not only the dentist but even the hygienist appointments are objects of dread. One of my teeth needed a filling and so with a great amount of trepidation (obsessed over this past week) I sat in the dentist's chair this morning.

The fear is getting worse although I've never experienced anything extremely painful. I've been attending the dentist regularly (or fairly regularly) most of my life. I've kept regular cleaning appointments and have had done all the work the dentist has recommended. Again...practically pain free (only little pokes when you get a shot) and occasionally jab of pain when cleaning, but really nothing at all to warrant the dread with which I think of having to walk into that office for work to be done.

Jokingly I asked if I could 'smoke a joint' to relax me (after all medical marijuana is legal in the state of Michigan) and the dentist laughed and said he was allowed to dispense something like Valium if I'd like...and of course I could always have nitrous oxide. Well, that would be letting fear get the best of me right, right. So of course, I sat back in the chair and tried to relax on my own with no help from drugs.

Once the work (shot, drilling, filling) begins, I do feel my fear start to subside. Knowing that all I have to do is raise my little finger and the dentist and/or his assistant will immediately try to make me more comfortable if necessary, makes the journey as comfortable as is possible.

One half hour later and I'm home free! The work is done and I'm SO relieved. As I walk out of the office I think...that was ridiculous, I'd wasted precious moments obsessing about this 'piece of cake' visit instead of living my life. I hope I'll remember that next time. Well actually I'm hoping there will be no next time...that my teeth will stay in good shape for the rest of my long and healthy life!

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