Wednesday, January 27, 2021


Today I'm thinking about happiness...who gets it and who doesn' take on it below...interested in yours, too.

It is personal (imo) and based on our own life experiences. So personally, happiness for me is having children and grandchildren that are healthy and for the most part without 'want'. It is looking at my children and feeling satisfied they are doing their personal best to raise, develop, feed, clothe, educate and love their own children in a manner that makes the world a kinder, more habitable place for us all. It is again, for me, that I can look back on my 71 years and see the road traveled as one with a more than a few turns, occasionally a back step or two, but for the most part moving forward..learning and loving the entire path. Happiness is having more 'thankfuls' and fewer regrets. It is a snapshot of having a glass more full than empty...and truly enables me to look at others and hope beyond hope they too can find their own happiness in their lives. is not without some measure of guilt that I write this, too, as I see people suffering heartbreaking news and hardships daily and knowing everyone is deserving of happiness why some people have an abundance and others not so much.

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