Sunday, September 7, 2008

Las Vegas in August

Well, as a final fling before school started, my sister Tricia, Melissa, Nick and Dillon and I all met in Las Vegas for a week's worth of relaxation (riiight).

Tricia and I met on a Sunday evening at the airport in Vegas, she from northern California and me from Michigan. We rented a car, went to the Monte Carlo and immediately ate...we were both starving, money was no object, and good thing as the steaks cost us well over $150...yikes!

We drove to Hoover Dam, Boulder City, Grand Canyon, Red Hills north of Las Vegas, Lake Las Vegas, Laughlin, Nevada and the Colorado River to site-see. The countryside is beautiful. We played the slots of course, did very little winning, but had a lot of fun. My sis has the gambling 'mojo' I unfortunately, don't.

Melissa and family met us mid-week so we had Dillon a couple of nights, went to the pool and swam one day. We saw the dolphins, white tigers and lions at the Mirage. I took a quick trip to the art gallery at the Bellagio to see some great American artists work on display...Georgia O'Keefe was one and they had some really nice paintings. On Chip's (my sis's husband's recommendation) we went to the Great Outdoors and saw wonderful salt fresh water fish. I was really disappointed as none of those pics turned out ;(

So great end of summer year I think I'll try Elderhostel...anyone want to come along?

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