Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miss Representation an 'older' member of our society, I look back on my attitudes toward politics, capitalism and female sexuality and wonder what happened and why haven't I been more active!?

During the late 60's, although married young and having one child, my belief system was all about equality. Not only for women of course, but everyone...ethnic minorities, disabled, aged and women. In Southern California at the time, it was easy to be politically active...or at least aware. We saw protest marches on the street outside our high school and had discussions at work...about political candidates, civil rights, the shooting of President Kennedy and what that meant to us all. Although as with many in their teens, my life was really mostly about does whatever effect me and mine :) But at least there was discussion.

During the 70's 80's and 90's, my life was about raising children and working. Fortunately my mother, (and with my father's support) somewhat ahead of her time, felt it critical for a woman to prepare herself to be self supporting, so I learned early on working was a virtue, an honor, a responsibility. I worked through the Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush eras with awareness, but not a lot of political activity. Too focused on family and inactive awareness on most issues. My husband was interested in politics...and we normally took opposite sides of the political spectrum in discussions, but at least he was interested and aware.

Then came more education, a different career and the same old white, male dominated world. Did I have blinders on? Why didn't I prepare my own children better to face and resist what is going on in media...really our entire world, today? Why didn't I better use my buying power and more actively support or reject some of these issues at hand?

Well...from today on...I'll be buying products (or not) voting for the candidates who support my belief system, and pledge either time or/and money to bring about change and equality. It's been a long time...and we really haven't come so far, baby!

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