Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peta...what are you thinking?!

In your defense of animals do you HAVE to disrespect women? Who cares who is the sexiest vegetarian next door...really?! And 'Lettuce Entertain You?' Come on...I have no interest in being entertained by a site supposedly dedicated to stamping out animal cruelty by promoting sexist advertising...showing women in various stages of undress with lettuce on them? Who is your target audience anyway?

And even more unbelievable...Boyfriend Went Vegan video not only is sexist, but promotes violent behavior against women. Don't think the Ink not Mink makes it ok since it's primarily naked men in the imagery. It's not ok to disrespect any human being in defense of animals.

I am animal lover and although I went to your website to donate...I didn't and won't until you show respect to men and women in your advertising.

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