Monday, March 5, 2012

Well...from 80 degrees to 18 in a quick minute! Here I am...enjoying the warmth...and if you could see me long underwear, sweatshirt and jeans, coat and mittens (and I'm inside!)

What is it about Michigan I like, anyway? that my kids are near, love the people, and the seasons. But about this time every year, I'm asking myself again...why is it I stay here? Let's see...let me count the reasons;

1) Kids
2) Extended family
3) Students
4) Career
5) Neighborhood - great place to raise my dogs
6) Green trees and grass, snow, flowers and beautiful water just a 1/2 hour drive away
7) Back in it's as though we take a few years to catch up with the rest of the world :)

Some forty years ago we made the conscious choice to relocate from Southern (warm) California to Michigan. At that time we were moving away from smog, traffic and a poor environment to raise kids. We felt we were moving to good air, little traffic (now our roads are inundated with Amish buggies and horses and an occasional tractor) and a neighborhood with strong family values. We were right and we're still here. So what if occasionally there's no power, a ton of snow, limited sunshine and an occasional puritanical attitude towards women, choice and liberal politics. I guess I can take it.

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