Sunday, March 11, 2012

Unity Newsletter

This week-end came and went and I didn't even realize it! Other than a couple of three mile walks, I've been at my computer finalizing the design of a newsletter for our local union (MEA at MCC.)

This was a brainchild of mine and so it's especially gratifying to see it to fruition. A few weeks ago at a conference for negotiating practices, I remembered that nothing is more potent than up-to-date communication when facing the looming challenge of negotiations. Today's anti-union environment in the state of Michigan could make our negotiating committee's job very difficult. However, believing in the power of collective bargaining, believing it is the ONLY voice many of us have in an organization or corporation, and believing it is critical to keep members aware and interested in the issues at hand, the newsletter was born.

Fortunately, the writers selected to write in this first newsletter responded quickly as asked and with informative articles about topics of interest to union members. The editors did their job as requested...timely and with a fine-tooth comb and the webmaster worked with the file to get it uploaded and to a great 'resting spot.'  And I, with pride put it together :) on the link above to see what I've spent much of my free time over the last couple of weeks to create. Note that it is can click on the content page numbers (big numbers (except for the 1 on the left side of the first page) or you can click on the lower right to go forward...upper left to go back to read this great information.

Let me know what you think.

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