Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Decision making by critical incident theory...

Huge decision...whether or not to take personal classes this semester...is made. I've toyed with the idea of taking a break last semester, in fact took only one class. Signed up for two this semester...what was I thinking?

Which brings me to making decisions...I know all the right ways...making pros/cons list, mindmapping, sourcing the experts, etc. And which method did I choose? Well, it's called critical incident theory (anyway that's what I call it.)

As mentioned, I've mulled over taking a break but was really trying to get to a milestone (Masters + 30 hours) and I'm currently at MA +25 so it is really within reach. MA + 30 gets me to a new pay level (in addition to a lot of great learning.) Signed up for classes, did the first week's worth of homework and got it in ON TIME and reasonably well done. That I think is a kicker...I don't have time to do it REALLY well. And I hate that. But anyway, was even starting to live with that issue, when I woke up yesterday morning with blurry eyes and couldn't focus on the computer screen! Yikes! I panicked! What? Without my eyes focusing where will I be? In a nursing home...walking with a seeing eye dog...very thick lenses on my glasses...no driver's license...can't get to work...lose my job....lose my income...lose my house...and with THAT train of thought, the decision was made.

And that's what I call a critical incident theory!

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