Sunday, January 3, 2010

What to write about when there's nothing to write about...

The problem of keeping a blog going, is coming to terms with writing something daily. Almost a journal...a public journal...of my activities and thoughts. I've written and erased two different topics on composition (needed to do more thought in preparation than I wanted to this am) one on procrastination (procrastinated until I bored myself on the topic) and finally this one...a nonsensical blab on blogging.

Then I got a brilliant of the items on my list of to do's (procrastinating by lists is a fav habit of mine) is a pastel of a Thailand rooster...I've promised my Thai traveling buddies for the last three years this artwork! Maybe if I commit to finishing this thing in public, I'll finally do it! So here it process...I'll let you know tomorrow how it goes! I'm going to paint!

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